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Our true purpose for Love From Above is committing to the intervention these women and young children need. However not all the women in whom we want to serve are in poverty. Some of these women are very secure in there surroundings. Finances are not their problem and/or issue. These women however, do struggle with different levels of domestic, sexual and verbal abuse such as fear of husbands or partners, fear of their lack of education, fear of losing their homes and children, and fear of believing the lie that they can’t do it by themselves.

Through our vision we can equip them to become self-sufficient.

donationYour generous support of the Butterfly Garden, a 501c (3) non-for-profit provides a structured transitional two-year housing program for otherwise homeless pregnant teens and single mothers.

Our vision of hope and message of faith is to bring as many women as we can to security, education and stability. Thank you for your support!

image1The Butterfly Garden Program is a 501c(3) not for-profit that provides a structured transitional housing program for otherwise homeless pregnant teens and single mothers.

Participants live in furnished rooms that are equipped for them and their children by Love From Above Inc, they must attend school / GED classes and receive an associates degree or learn a work study trade, such as but not limited to; Culinary/Cooking Classes, Fashion Design – Seamstress/Tailoring Classes, Nursing Assistant Classes, Child Day Care Classes, and Finance Classes (all will be offered on site).

Participants will also need to attend mandatory weekly group meetings as well as individualized service planning and comprehensive case management for child rearing and proper behavior.

This will help them start understanding their roles as heads of households and how important education is.

The case management meetings will allow them to start understanding how and why they got to this place.

image2The Career Academy Program aims to help teenage mothers and pregnant teens become economically self-sufficient through individualized education and career exploration and development.

They will explore all the possibilities that are before them. They will then decide what direction they will take regarding their careers and we will help them by helping them get the education they need and then place them in those positions in the corporate world.

From resume writing to basic skills such as but not limited to proper dress codes, such as hair, make-up and nails etc.

image3The Mothering Program, this program will teach the mothers and/or mothers to be how to be moms. Many of these women have never had an example of a role model mother.

They were never given any quality time and/or instruction for there future. Through this program the mothers will be required to have quality time with there children through means of reading, playing and getting to know there children.

This will also include the comprehensive case management with social works provided by Love From Above Inc.

image4The Children’s Program provides a safe, nurturing, fun environment in which young children ages 0-5 can learn and develop while their mothers are attending the Career Program.

This program is designed to provide child-care for the mother’s children so that they can get their lives on track and prepare them for Head of Household responsibilities.

All mothers will volunteer in the Day Care Program as a required course for experience within our Early Education Program.

image5The Hope Program, we have a driving passion and commitment to help these women gain realistic hope and a high sense of self worth and of family potential.

This program will provide spiritual guidance for these women. Our hope is that through these efforts our women will want to form a deep relationship with God through our services and become women who are God fearing, strong, confident, and fully restored mothers.

We realize the impossibility of overcoming the barriers these women and children are facing – and it only further fuels our passion to help them “Beat the Odds”.

Our services will always start at the point of survival and safety and then move to stabilization and then to self-sufficiency.

The bottom line is this; we want to save the women and their unborn babies/children. Who of us can keep a job if we have no place to sleep no clothes in a closet, no food to eat? Then, how can we get a good job if we have no education and no child-care?

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