In today’s society, we see how “woman” has lost the very essence of what God created her to be. We no longer see the soft beautiful, gentle way in which God formed her. Rather, we see “some” women (who think they are speaking for the majority) screaming from the top of their lungs: “equal rights!” We want the power to choose our careers, homes, families, and even say when to give birth and when not to. We hear those same women saying we are just as strong and determined as men. We must keep abortion legal at ALL costs.

Ironically, women have lost so much because of legalized abortion, yet society tells us we have gained and furthered our lives and careers. Woman will never be respected or treated as equals as long as we continue to cave in to what society tells us to be “truths”; Abortion is legal, so therefore it must be okay. Everything we have fought for has been given to us, but at what price? Living with the aftermath of abortion and the consequences of those choices, such as divorce, broken families, and or abusive relationships? Is this really the future we want to hand down to our daughters and our future generations?

It’s time to stand up and fight for our rights as women and say: NO MORE! We were created and designed to be LIFE GIVER’S there is no shame in that truth. It’s time to re-birth the minds of women and how we think. Our WOMBS are the greatest gift Almighty God has given us and we DON’T have to rip it out to be “equal” to man. We deserve better than ABORTION!

It won’t be easy, in fact it will be difficult to reprogram our minds, hearts and let go of the pain “choice” has brought upon us. For those of us who have experienced abortion firsthand the pain will be difficult to let go of and begin to trust in God. Especially since some really believe God can NEVER or will NEVER forgive them. The pain has become so familiar to us that it has become a place of safety. You see when you hurt so much, the pain is numbing. That numbing offers a false sense of safety because even though it does hurt, you are so familiar with the pain that you learn to live with it. Letting go, however, opens you up to a whole new world of unfamiliar pain, lack of control and fear of being hurt again.

Pain somehow seems to be an endless cycle of life that offers very little explanation or relief, but pain can work for good in our lives if we allow God to turn our past evils into hope for the future. I invite you to join the “A Time to Heal” journey.

Learning How to Laugh & Play Again

A 12 week Bible Study Program for women, who have been devastated by their life choices. This study focuses on 12 women of the Old Testament who also made bad choices. Despite those mistakes, the Heavenly Father still used their lives for His greater glory by changing their evil into good and instrumentally using them to shape the history of our Faith. Through this study you will find that these women still exist, even today. They are our neighbors, our friends, our family members and even you. The struggle of these 12 iconic women is mirrored in today‘s culture. Their lives and transformations are relevant to us all, since we too need the grace to find new hope in forgiveness and restoration. In many ways they are just like us!

For Women
Our Two-Fold Mission is to restore hurting women to their original purpose of contentment and wholeness by helping them understand the source of their brokenness; and to provide them with resources to work through the pain by finding TRUE freedom through forgiveness!


“A Time to Heal” is a good pastoral application of biblical stories and characters for souls troubled by their choices. The emphasis on forgiveness and mercy is particularly important for women who have been caught up on the tragedy of those choices and then may feel as if God and the Church condemn them. I think this book is a good tool to use in the pastoral practice of the Church’s ministry of reconciliation.

Endorsed by Rev. Robert L. Schoenstene M.A., S.S.L The University of St. Mary of the Lake

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