Our Purpose

To awaken hearts and minds so we can truly understand the consequences of our choices and how those choices affect the plan for our lives.

Our Vision

By now you’re probably thinking that there are a lot of organizations that do this already. Our vision, however, is very different. We will teach this process from A through Z. Most if not all organizations that work with women have bits and pieces. These women must go to different sources to receive all that they need.

Love From Above, Inc. is a Full Service organization, if you will. We want to provide a constant array of services.

Our Goal

Our goal is to empower women to be all they can be! Our programs are empowering and flexible, setting a high standard for our women.

We provide women with resources to work through their pain so that they will find TRUE freedom, through self-forgiveness.

The type of help required will vary and may include financial assistance in extreme cases. Some women may be secure financially, but still struggle with abuse or self-esteem issues. Our intervention will help these women deal with their fears, such as believing the lie that they can’t do it by themselves.

Our Belief

We believe that women should have the right to all the information necessary to make a truly informed choice.

We believe that the time has come for us to not only “talk the talk” but “walk the walk” with women and children and to provide the necessary tools so they can move onto greater opportunities through security, education, stability and learn how to embrace hope.

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