The Gospel according to Yvonne- “Woman Where Art Thou?”

The Gospel according to Yvonne

To Have and To Hold…
“Woman Where Art Thou”?

My heart feels such anguish from the betrayal that I have experienced from the one I thought LOVED me. I have asked myself why did this happen? What have I done to deserve this? Why am I in this place again? How did I not see this coming? Could I have prevented this from happening? Was it supposed to end this way? What ever happened to my, “Happily Ever After”?

I am tormented in the middle of the night by these emotions and endless questions because I fear that there are no answers to this relentless feeling of hopelessness and despair. My thoughts tell me that it’s not really happening and soon I will awaken, but my heart understands the disappointment, sadness and loneliness because I have visited this place many times before yet allowed myself to believe the ridiculous and ignore the obvious. The pain I am experiencing is very familiar to me and so I hold on to it because I have come to understand its boundaries. However, I find myself overwhelmed by the unknown future that lies before me. I wonder whether or not I will be able to move forward by letting go of the past and learn how to trust the future? The deepest part of my heart tells me everything is going to be ok because it sees what I can’t see. It knows what I don’t know, and it hopes for what I can’t hope for. It reminds me that the harder things get for me, the stronger I will become, because my pain isn’t in vain and that LOVE can endure anything.

My thoughts run away with the uncontrollable feeling of wanting a perfect LOVE.

Why do I seek?

A love that leaves me breathless,
A love that cannot be contained by anyone or anything.
A love that delights in ALL of me, always.
A love that will lay down its life for me.
A love that will surrender ALL for my complete happiness.
A love that will deny itself to give me utter joy.
A love that lives to empower me to become ALL I was created to do.
A love that will be still, so that I can move forward.
A love that passes ALL understanding.
A love that is long suffering, patient and kind.
A love that is perfect in every way, shape or form.
A love that exceeds ALL my expectations.
A love for oneness.

How did I enter this state of being? Who will or can give me this LOVE? Why do I desperately long for this LOVE? Does this LOVE exist? What must I do to receive this LOVE? My mind tells me it’s impossible but my heart knows it does exist. I come to realize that this LOVE has existed from the beginning of time. Before Man and Woman was created there was GOD. He and only He can give me that sense of completion that I long for and that I know in my heart of hearts does exist. I am reminded daily that I was created in HIS perfect image for a greater purpose.

Why or when did I stop understanding that only He can give me my complete happiness? I have looked to man for something he can’t give me, but why? I have come to believe a lie, but how? I settled for mediocrity, but when?

As women we need to ask ourselves why we look to man for these answers and for this perfect LOVE? When did man become GOD? For me I have come to realize that no man, can or will be able to have that type of control over me ever again. Now please don’t get me wrong, man can and will be a part of my life, just not my whole life. I have learned that when I focus on how GOD created me and why? I find that I am a perfection of that LOVE, which was given to man to LOVE, respect, support, build up, and empower.

If you are reading this article today, and you have NOT come to understand this perfect LOVE, I challenge you to open up your heart to GOD. He is “The Great I Am” and He and only He will be able to fill the longing you are searching.

Welcome to a life of Completion,

Yvonne Florczak-Seeman
President, and Founder
Love From Above Inc.
1 (866) Time 2 Speak

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