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Taking Back Our POWER…

Protectors of Women’s EQUAL Rights


A Call to all who cherish justice and believe in the protection of the individual rights of every human being, to stand up and join the battle to end the worst human rights violation of our times. The POWER Movement seeks to end the exploitation of women and the violation of the fundamental rights of women and their children through issues like Abortion, domestic violence, human trafficking, rape, and sexual/child abuse.

The most powerful of ALL voices are those women who have actually suffered through abortion and its aftermath. Before now they have been silent on this issue. POWER, working in conjunction with the Time to Speak movement, is providing these women the opportunity to speak directly to the Supreme Court, to tell that court that it’s Roe vs. Wade decision is wrong – abortion is NOT in the “BEST” interest of woman. The women who have been hurt by abortion can finally have a platform to be heard by signing a special form called, Friends of the Court, and may also sign an Affidavit to become part of the case itself.

The Time to Speak Movement

Speakers Bureau

Time to Speak is an awareness and educational movement to promote help, hope, and healing for the post-abortive woman and all others who have been hurt by abortion. Women have been hurt by abortion, and many of them think they are alone. Our mission is to provide hope by communicating that forgiveness and healing is possible. There is no set way that one is healed. We all have different journeys, and the healing process can be different for everyone. Our freedom to choose abortion comes with a lifetime of consequences. Abortion affects us emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually.

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