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Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life

Looking at the debate from a new angle.

For the past 15 years, I have traveled this country as a Public Speaker, sharing my experience of abortion with everyone who crosses my path.  I have found within the Pro-Life movement many who are self-serving, self-righteous and full of judgment.  In the Pro-Choice movement, many who are extreme advocates but who have lost their reason; many who don’t understand the definition of the word “choice”, according to Webster’s dictionary, and unfortunately many who are very angry.

I have asked myself many times how can this single issue bring forth such division, if it’s so good for women?  If we are all fighting for and towards the empowerment of women, then politics and religion should NOT have any place within this debate.  The argument that “choice” can only be applied to freedom to abort should make every woman feel very uncomfortable, because the very freedom we are supposedly fighting for has been removed by the fact that the issue has become (one sided) about “only” the choice to abort.  Clearly something has gone terribly wrong with the “Freedom of Choice”.

As a Hispanic post-abortive woman who has had her share of abortions, I believe this makes me an expert on the issue.  I also believe I can shed some light on this issue since my personal experiences can speak truth into this very painful decision; and so can the millions of women I have met across this nation that have also shared with me their tragic stories.  Please read the comments made to me about their abortion experience…

As Women, our MOTTO should be:

We are not Republicans nor Democrats, we are Independent Thinkers.

We are not Blacks, Whites nor Hispanics, we are Human Beings.

We are not Protestants nor Catholics, we are Children of God.

We are not Rich or Poor, we are fighters for Social Justice.

We are not Pro-Life nor Pro-Choice, we are PRO-WOMAN!

For 44 years now we have been watching, listening and observing the ridiculous.  Enough with the billion-dollar industries and their “population control” agenda through the “marketing of abortion”.   It is TIME TO SPEAK THE TRUTH.  Just recently the deVeber Institute of Bio-Ethics and Social Research, published a book called, “Complications, Abortion’s Impact on Women”. This research brings forth over 500 studies worldwide, exposing the aftermath of abortion.  The research also shows proven facts that abortion brings forth emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual aftermath.  According to the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, quotes, “in 1973, abortion was legalized in this country. Since then, invasive breast cancer has increased by 40% and non-invasive (in situ) breast cancer by 400%.”

So, as women we must ask ourselves this very important question, “Where is the outrage from these “supposedly” WOMEN- empowered organizations such as NOW, AMA, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NAACP and all the politicians who have aligned themselves with these organizations on this new information?  Why aren’t we having this conversation?  Well the truth is some of these same organizations and politicians are fighting against legislation that protects women.  Legislation such as “A Woman’s Right to Choose”, that does NOT take away their right to abort.  It only holds these organizations accountable for giving them this empowering information, so that the woman is aware of what she WILL experience after the abortion.  I went in as a 16-year old, scared to death.  In the recovery room, they threw 30 days of the strongest antibiotics at me and then put me on the lowest-dose of the pill, but never told me that the antibiotic cancels out the effects of the pill, because legally they didn’t have to.  Instead these ridiculous entities led by a women’s movement (that is clearly M.I.A.) are outraged by the de-funding of Planned Parenthood as if abortion is good Healthcare.  Enough already, stop the madness!  Good Healthcare is providing facts, truth and the research that has been brought forth, NOT fighting endless hours trying to deny women this information.  As a Mother, I am outraged that our daughters are NOT being protected by these self- indulged politicians that have sold their souls to these entities for their own personal gain, instead of exposing them.

My walk of faith has led me to an absolute truth, ABORTION HURTS and it is time for women to HEAL from the aftermath of “choice”.  As a woman, if you are done with the ridiculous and you find yourself wanting to get involved with making a difference in your state by helping us remove these politicians and you are ready to Take Back Your POWER and become a protector of women’s equal rights…. then contact us today!

Yvonne Florczak-Seeman

1 (866) Time 2 Speak toll free hotline

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