Her life seemed picture perfect. All her hard work was finally coming together and the Gold Medal was at her finger tips. Her Finance Aaron Ross was a corner back for the New York Giants and she was an Olympic Gold Medalist named athlete of the year by the International Association of Athletics Federation in 2008. Her dream was becoming real after so much hard work. However, according to Sanya something went terribly wrong.

In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, Sanya told them, “I’m chasing gold medals; I’m chasing records, and chasing the best version of myself. So, for me, if I didn’t share the toughest moment in my life where I felt God’s grace the most, it would be disingenuous to this journey”. What was her toughest moment you ask for the five-time medalist? Sanya shares in her interview that she had an abortion a week before the 2008 Olympics and that decision cost her the Gold Medal because she fell into despair from her decision to end her unplanned pregnancy.

I chose Sanya as my “woman of the week” because the courage it took for her to “Break the Silence” on the issue of abortion is one that needs to be recognized and applauded. In my eyes, she’s not only a five-time Olympic winner but also a HERO for so many girls/women that are hurting and struggling with self-forgiveness.

Her courage to share this gut-wrenching experience can turn this painful decision into a freeing one for another girl/woman who has felt she has been all alone. Abortion carries a long-time of emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual consequences. If you are reading this article and have been hurt by abortion and are either looking for help or want to share your story. Please call us at:

1 (866) Time 2 Speak


Yvonne Florczak-Seeman

President. Love from Above Inc.

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