The Women of the Gospel


The Women of the Gospel Set of 5 CD Series



Set of 5 CD Series

The Woman with the Issue of Blood: Touching the Hem of His Garment
Three of the Gospels share this very important story. The touching of His Garment meant so many different things. For 12 years, she was plagued with this disease. Everything she touched she would ruin. Imagine for one moment living with a secret that keeps you sick for 12 years. The suffering that this woman endured was really unbelievable. Courage set her free from a lifetime of suffering and bondage.

The Adulterous Woman: The Casting of Stones
Let the first one without sin cast the first stone is all she heard. Caught in the act of adultery Jesus defended her before the angry crowd and judged those wanting her stoned. She never knew such a man, one who would be willing to protect her from the angry crowd. There are times when the act of self-righteousness blinds people to their own ugly sin of condemnation and judgement. This story shows us the mercy of God through this act of forgiveness.

Woman at the Well: Understanding the POWER of Truth
She waited until noon to run out for her water. She thought she would be the only one there. Her five husbands were the towns gossip. She was longing for something but wasn’t sure what the something was. She thought she needed a man in her life to give her eternal happiness. Yet, one after another brought her nothing but emptiness. Then she met Jesus who would give her what she longed for, eternal life.

The Woman with the Alabaster Jar: Understanding Servanthood
Understanding the Power of Servanthood is to truly understand the message of the Cross. From the moment she walked into the room and saw him sitting there she knew her calling was to wash his feet and anoint him for his journey. Oh, to understand the power of serving others is to recognize that we are all put on this earth for each other, not for ourselves. It is in giving that we receive, it is in loving that we are loved and it is in forgiving that we are forgiven.

The Woman at the Cross: Calvary Stops to Receive Woman
This story brings a whole new meaning to the mission of woman. It would be through Eve that woman would fall from the Grace of God and yet, there she was again. During His suffering, pain and rejection woman finds an opportunity to bring him comfort during this difficult walk towards Calvary. Her simple act of kindness brought him a gentle touch. Kindness goes a long way and is never forgotten.


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